Our Charter

Our mission, vision and values have given us the clarity to move forward over the coming three years and develop this strategic plan. We know who we are and we are proud of it.


UnitingCare Harrison assists people to take charge of their own lives.


UnitingCare Harrison will be an influential leader in the provision of quality housing and community services.


UnitingCare Harrison’s work is inspired by its Christian foundations and the statement of purpose of UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania.


We believe people have the capacity for positive change.


We are a responsible steward of all its resources striving for the best in everything it does.


We listen and work together with people to find solutions, having particular concern and empathy for those who are vulnerable, poor and marginalised.


We act ethically at all times.


We stand for justice and a fair go for all people regardless of their background, ability or circumstances.


We foster self-reliance.


Our Strategy 2017-2019

We are passionate about building capacity for vulnerable youth, single adults, families and older people by delivering excellence in our key service areas of disability services, homelessness services and social housing.  What will differentiate us will be our innovative approach that focusses on building resilience and independence, the prevention of homelessness, co-ordination of our services so our clients can easily access the support that is unique to their needs and maintaining the most extensive network of providers in the eastern suburbs to give our clients access to the best services and housing solutions.

To ensure we can provide the best possible services to those we serve, we will strengthen relationships with clients, volunteers, donors, congregations and other providers through implementing an outcomes driven relationship management program.  We will also maintain and strengthen our connection to local communities throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We will continue to provide our core services to young people, single adults, families and older people but will give specific emphasis to:

  1. Increasing accessibility of Homelessness Services Housing Options Program Eastern (HOPE) through technology and a new service centre in City of Monash.
  2. Expanding our Social Housing Advocacy & Support Program (SHASP) Program supporting complex needs clients to maintain their tenancies.
  3. Improve housing, education and employment opportunities to young people through our mini “Foyer”-like model service.
  4. Maximise long term housing & social outcomes for people through expanding our model of linking tenancy and homelessness support services.
  5. Supporting adults with an intellectual disability to achieve independent community living.
  6. Providing affordable housing options to older people without financial resources.
  7. Working with real estate agents to reduce homelessness through evictions.
  8. Reducing financial hardship on clients struggling to maintain housing through the provision of innovative funding/loan options.

We will provide an effective voice to government & community on issues that affect the most vulnerable & disadvantaged young people, single adults, families and older people in our community.

We will create a working environment where our people feel valued, engaged and supported.  A cornerstone of our culture will be building capacity & capability by fostering a culture of innovation and learning within UnitingCare Harrison.

We will be more efficient in the use of our funding through our quality improvement programs and will achieve and maintain accreditation needed to provide industry leading outcomes for the people we serve.

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